Zantrex Review: Is This Weight Loss Pill Really Worth It?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Zantrex review will make you aware of my story on Zantrex consumption.

I have given out each and every specific detail that I followed during the Zantrex consumption.

Make sure you read this Zantrex review till the very end. By doing so, you would be aware and would be able to take better decisions for yourself.

I have also compiled a list of some amazing fat burners that could help you in loosing weight and fat levels. Also, see if Zantrex is listed among those substances.

Let me not waste much of your time and start with some of the basics.

Zantrex is known to be one of the over-the-counter supplements for the fat burner helps in increasing the energy levels and enhancing the rate of weight loss.

The formula is unique and is combined with the variety of the stimulants and herbs, but is free from ephedrine as it is a banned substance.zantrex-

Weight loss with exercise and diet can be challenging. The Zantrex also intends to amplify the results causing weight loss in a short period.

Once you start consuming Zantrex, then couple it with active exercise rounds. It is always suggested to exercise regularly and plan your healthy meals to get the desired results.

Within a few weeks, you will see major weight loss.

Zollar laboratories manufacture the Zantrex and have been in the market since 2002.

The company is all said to have required licenses and permits. The formula is in the market for more than a decade.

The formula is quite fine-tuned and reflects the modern requirements for delivering the best effects.

Zantrex is a type of potent weight loss formula. It is said to be composed of many active ingredients for providing sufficient energy levels.

Many rich active ingredients are present in Zantrex and help in body healing and also prepares them for the next day.

The ingredients help in active burning of fat and stimulants can be seen working in synergy for losing weight fast.

How Zantrex Works?

The main reason behind the functionality of Zantrex is its natural ingredients.

According to the manufacturers, the researchers have done extensive research in order to select the ingredients for this fat loss pill.

Post that, they spent huge amount of time in zeroing down to the all important composition Zantrex.

Its main USP is the increment in the metabolic rate. This allows huge amount of fat loss which is stored in form of reserves.

Hence, all the nutrients from the food and supplements are properly absorbed within the body.

Also, it promotes no storage of energy in the form of fat. With the help of thermogenic reactions within your body, the fat levels are reduced.

The addition of caffeinated natural substances is another great addition to the ingredients list of Zantrex.

Hence, you may notice an overall reduction in the fat levels.

Let me now discuss all the ingredients in detail.

Ingredients In Zantrex

  • Citrus Fruit Extract

    It is an active fat burner compound and is one of the best in the industry. According to the food chemistry research, the Citrus fruit extract provides the flavonoids, included as polyphenolic compounds, to compound many harmful free radicals. It promotes the rate of aft loss and also has many benefits for the consumer.

  • Guarana Fruit Extract

    It is one of the natural sources of caffeine. Guarana Fruit Extract provides the additional stimulation over caffeine and is a fat burner and an active energy compound in Zantrex. In the Zantrex formula, the compound acts as the stimulant. On consuming Zantrex regularly, this ingredient can help you improve your attention, more focus, and better metabolism.

  • Coffee Beans Extract

    The non-roasted coffee beans used in the Zantrex are chlorogenic acid and can help lose weight by slowing down or reducing the absorption of the carbohydrates.

  • Fennel Seed Powder

    The Fennel is also composed of minerals and vitamins and is used in traditional medicines. The research is showing the Fennel and antioxidant effects. It contains many precious vitamins and minerals. The bodies do require it when we tend to be exposed to mental and physical stress. The fennel seed powder can help the body to recuperate from the daily activities.

  • Kola Seed Extract

    Kola is a type of plant hailing from the cocoa family and growing in regions like Central America, South America, and Africa. It is also composed of caffeine and is widely used for reducing hunger and boosting energy.

    Kola plants have many uses in medicine. It is said to belong to the cocoa family and is an energy booster.

  • Kelp Powder

    The Kelp is a type of seaweed also found in colder ocean regions. It is said to provide many beneficial minerals and can be the source of Iodine. Consumption of the kelp powder supports the said efforts for staying consistent with the exercise regime.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

    It is an antioxidant for fighting free radical damage; it is readily found in Brussels sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, peas, broccoli, and brewer’s yeast. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a type of naturally occurring compounds. Is essential for maintaining health.

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract

    The green tea here is unfermented and provides catechins, including EGCG and polyphenols, also known as antioxidants. It is one of the big sources of caffeine. It also serves as a stimulant in Zantrex and works hand in hand for the Guarana Extract. This natural ingredient is one of the top fat burners available in the market.

My Take On Zantrex

I love trying different substances and feel the changes happening in my body.

Zantrex consumption was one such step in the same direction. When I started Zantrex consumption, I was in a bulking cycle for around 8 months.

This was when I wanted to reduce my weight and some fat levels as well. Hence, I started with this weight loss pill.

As usual, I purchased Zantrex for a total of 6 months consumption. This was my normal routine and post that I started with the consumption.

The first couple of weeks of consumption were pretty ordinary, there was no change at the end.

Anyhow, I continued with my consumption. After the completion of 1.5 months, I kind of measured my body’s BMI and weight. I was surprised, nothing really changed.

Same was the case when a period of 3 months ended. I never changed anything. I also am pretty strict with my diet hence, it was nothing like, that I changed my diet or something.

Also, I was pretty regular with my exercise as well. Furthermore, I continued with my consumption hoping that it might start showing effects a little late.

Sadly, nothing changed at the end of 4th, 5th or 6th month. I was pretty disappointed with the results from this weight or fat loss substance.

For this very reason, I am writing this Zantrex review, so that you are also aware and are able to decide appropriately, if you are okay with consuming Zantrex or not.

Benefits Of Zantrex

Frankly speaking, I did not receive any of the below benefits. But some of the consumers have mentioned that they did see some of these benefits. Hence, I am also mentioning them.

  •  Energy Booster

    The natural source of caffeine is the key ingredient in Zantrex. The major ingredient for the same is green tea, coffee bean extract, guarana, and kola nut. When combined, they form about 200 grams of caffeine in Zantrex, which is a high amount. It is to provide the high quantity of energy that allows you to boost the workout sessions.

  • BMI

    The formula of Zantrex is quite heavy on Botanical. The botanical like flowers, seeds, and plant leaves are present in the formula. It reduces body sculpting and works on improving body types and healthily losing weight.

  • Thermogenesis

    Thermogenesis allows you to raise your body temperature for stimulating the burning for additional calories. For consuming and manufacturing Zantrex, the background motive is to allow the individual to lose calories while exercising and resting. Because once you start losing calories, your body will be storing less as fat.

  • Workout Optimization

    Methylxanthines present in the Zantrex can increase the alertness of the person and boost confidence and mood. Burning calories is an important part of losing weight. And if you can go longer and harder, then Zantrex can help you a lot.

Zantrex Alternatives

I personally will not consume Zantrex for weight loss. As it did not help me in losing even 1 gram of weight in six months consumption period.

I have already consumed some of the best diet pills for effective weight loss present in the market, and they work wonderfully well for me.

Hence, I always turn to them whenever I am in need of any kind of weight loss or when I am starting a  shredding cycle.

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