Zestra Essential Arousal Oil Review: Shocking Experience Revealed!

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

I have talked about my experiences in this Zestra Essential Arousal Oil review and its usage.

Over the years, I have seen multiple advertisements for Zestra Essential Arousal Oil.

As a result, when I was facing intimacy and libido issues, this was the first product that came to my mind. Hence, I did not research or read reviews about this one but directly ordered 6 bottles.

Personally speaking, I was pretty convinced that by using this product, my situation will improve. As a result, I kept this thought in my mind and started using this essential oil.

Before I start sharing my usage experience, let me start with some of the basics about Zestra Essential Arousal Oil.

zestraZestra Essential Arousal Oil is believed to be a clinically evaluated oil-based product specially formulated to enhance the female sexual experience and stimulate natural arousal or libido in them.

Many women healthcare professionals are claiming this product to be an effective remedy to treat low female sexual libido.

This essential oil formula is developed particularly for women who struggle with having sexual pleasure, thereby enabling them to enhance their arousal by the way of granting more satisfaction while engaging in foreplay or sexual intercourse with their partner.

This product has been manufactured by Innovus Pharmaceuticals, one of the most renowned names in the market. The brand claims it to be a highly effective product that may work on all females regardless of their age.

Today, a number of women struggle with not being able to get that perfect ‘arousal’ or ‘satisfaction’ while getting intimate with their partners. For them, the natural feeling of getting in the mood doesn’t work and this fact becomes frustrating for them as well as their partners.

The makers have developed this product to provide that much-needed boost in the female sexual life. The formula comes in the form of a topical application and it needs to be applied to the genital area. The product works by the way of providing a tingling sensation that leads to natural arousal.

Each application of Zestra has been designed to provide the females with a pleasurable and deep sensation that could lead to sexual fulfillment and satisfaction like never before.

According to the makers of this product, once you have applied it, the Zestra Rush would then take 3-5 minutes in showing its effect. The effects of this product might last up to 45 minutes.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals has declared Zestra to be a safe formula manufactured using all the natural ingredients to help more women feel confident and happy about their sex life.

How Zestra Essential Arousal Oil Works?

Most of the females at some point in time in their life feel sexually demotivated. Also, they do not disappoint their better half by depriving them of the pleasure.

As a result, the only viable solution that is left with them is using some kind of libido enhancers. These could be in any form, pills, creams, or oils.

Zestra being one such essential arousal oil. According to the manufacturers, Zestra is a safe and patented blend of natural oils that help in boosting the libido levels in females.

When applied regularly, it tends to help them with a tingling effect and helps them with a sensation that ultimately leads to natural arousal.

The manufacturer also makes a claim that with each and every application there would be improved pleasurable sensation and pleasurable fulfillment.

On the other hand, there are multiple warnings provided by the manufacturer that if you feel any of the uncomfortable sensation then you need to stop using them.

Post that, you would need to wash the same with warm water.

Furthermore, the manufacturer states that they tend to use only natural ingredients. Hence, the side effects are very rare.

Ingredients In Zestra Essential Arousal Oil

The ingredients used by the manufacturer are natural ones. Hence, there are very few chances of any kind of side effects.

Still you might face issues, if you have any particular condition related to any of the ingredients included.

All the ingredients used in the making of this product include the following:

  • Borage Seed Oil

    According to many journal-based studies and reports, borage seed oil helps to reduce inflammation in the intimate area of the females. This oil may work to treat eczema; however, borage oil doesn’t have any relation or association in terms of sexuality or female libido.

  • Evening Primrose Oil

    Just like the borage seed oil, there is no connection between primrose oil and female sexuality. Many studies have been carried out, and they are yet to prove the effectiveness of evening primrose oil on female sexual health. Some studies suggest that primrose oil is effective for PMS, eczema, as well as breast pain in females.

  • Angelica Root Extract

    Angelica root extract happens to be an aromatic Chinese medicine. As this ingredient is aromatic, it supposedly fights colic, flatulence as well as irritated bowel.

    You may refer to this governmental study to know more about benefits of Angelica root extract.

  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract

    This ingredient is effective in preventing asthma attacks in patients suffering from mild or moderate persistent asthma. Thus, the effectiveness of this product is greater in terms of treating and opening the bronchial passage. However, there is no association of this ingredient in treating the female sexual problem or the loss of libido.

Apart from the above-listed medicinal ingredients, the composition of Zestra also includes non-medicinal ingredients such as Theobromine, anti-oxidants like Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) as well as additional flavor.

All these ingredients are high-quality botanical products and are expertly manufactured under the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines in a certified and registered facility. This ensures the quality of Zestra.

What Happened When I Used Zestra Essential Arousal Oil?

Since the last past year or so, now and then whenever my husband tried to get intimate with me physically, I did not feel like doing anything.

I kind of felt that I am forcing myself into the act. Hence, this took a toll on my mental well being.

This is when I decided to work towards improving this scenario. Hence, I started my research. I came to know that, my body is lagging in meeting the libido levels.

As a result, m body needed an external stimulant that could help me in increasing the arousal levels. Then I remembered, somewhere on the television, I saw a commercial for Zestra essential arousal oil.

Hence, without doing much research, I ordered the same for me and from that very day, I started applying the same.

I followed each and every detail mentioned on the packets. The initial phase was not at all worth talking about. I did not feel anything happening.

Anyhow, I continued with the regular application of this arousal oil. The third week and the fourth week were the same. No changes at all.

This is when I started getting disappointed with this essential arousal oil. As after using it for around a period of two months, there were literally no changes.

Although it was not working for me and it had a very bad smell, I was still using the same. This is because, I ordered around 5 bottles.

Hence, I wanted to finish them. Deep down I was also hoping that, it might start working for me at some point of time.

The sad part is, it never worked for me even after applying it for more than 4 months regularly. Hence, I was completely disappointed and my relationship was deteriorating with each passing day.

Side Effects Of Zestra Essential Arousal Oil

Although, Zestra Essential Arousal Oil never worked for me.

It also showed certain side effects. These were not major ones but had little effect over me.

Hence, I wanted to make you aware of the same as well.

Ever since the release of this product, the makers are claiming it to be an effective remedy for treating the problem of loss of female libido.

The brand also claims it to be an incredible product in terms of providing extreme sexual satisfaction to females of all ages.

However, there is no strong evidence regarding these claims. The use of ingredients in the product does not necessarily target the sexual wellness in women.

These ingredients could be effective in treating other health concerns and conditions, but their relation with female sexual wellness, specifically in terms of treating the loss of libido is zero.

Moreover, the use of Zestra comes with many red flags and warning signs. As this product works by stimulating the vaginal skin, there are chances of side-effects and reactions for many females.

The product could not be used with latex condoms. Some women might feel discomfort and irritation in their skin after using this product for a long time. The side-effects of using Zestra may vary from woman to woman and include the following:

  • Redness

    Redness after using the product could be caused because of counter-reaction to the blood that rushes to the surface of the skin while fighting with the irritants exposed to the same. Redness is also the result of itching and dryness in the area that is often experienced by a majority of women.

  • Irritation

    You might as well suffer from irritation and constant itching after using it. Irritation after using Zestra might feel like extreme discomfort. This is caused by the allergic response because of the exposure to allergens. Continuous irritation and itching in the area direct that you must stop the application of this product at once.
  • Swelling

    Constant irritation and itching in the area could lead to swelling of the vagina. The itching effect could also lead to a lot of burning sensation after using the product. As a result, it could lead to a lot of tanning, pangs, and even soreness in the area.
  • Rashes

    One of the most common side-effects that a majority of women might suffer from after using Zestra is rashes. Rashes in the intimate area are generally caused when the skin comes in contact with the substance it is otherwise allergic to. In some instances, rashes on the skin are accompanied by bruises as well.


Alternatives Of Zestra Essential Arousal Oil

Seeing all these things, I was really pissed off. Hence, I decided to take the professional help. I booked an appointment with a doctor that specializes in all these things.

I explained everything and narrated my whole story. He was really patient with me and listened to the whole story.

This is when he recommended me HerSolution.

I immediately started with the consumption of this instant female arousal pill and from the second week, I was able to notice some small little but positive changes.

HerSolution, which is a dietary supplement improved my hormonal imbalances and slowly improved my natural libido levels.

As a result, I made sure that I am consuming HerSolution regularly and with the help of this amazing pill, my sexual relationship with my husband improved.

Also, it gave me an immense satisfaction mentally and physically as well.

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