Zeta White Review: Does This Skin Lightening Support System Really Works?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Zeta White review, a restaurant owner who lives on the beach tells the story about herself using this cream. At the same time, she tries to make you aware of the circumstances under which she started using Zeta White.

Also, in the latter part of this Zeta White review, she talks about all the changes that she was able to observe with the regular usage.

Not to miss, I have also added some of the important information about this cream in simple language so that you are also able to understand the functionalities of this cream.

Zeta White

The makers of Zeta White claim it to be a skin-lightening system that could help enhance the skin. The skin-lightening system of Zeta White has 3 products with it, that could either be used individually or might be used together.

These three different products are Lightening Face Wash, Lightening Moisturizer, and Lightening Night Cream.

The manufacturers of the product claim that Zeta White may have an advanced formula containing powerful fruit extracts.

The advanced formula may give the skin a naturally bright and light look without the use of any bleaching compounds.

Zeta White cream may help the skin get a more radiant, balanced, and fair complexion and could also protect against hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

Further, the ingredients present in Zeta White are claimed to be 100% natural, organic, pure, vegan friendly, and safe by the manufacturer.

Also, they claim that the ingredients do not contain any chemicals or toxins. They are not tested on any animals and might not have any side effects.

The makers of Zeta White claim it to be suitable for use on any part of the skin including underarms, knees, and elbows. It may also be suitable for any skin type and tone.

Having said all that, the manufacturer of Zeta White claims that it is a skin-friendly product that might lighten the most sensitive and darkest spot on the skin.

It may reduce the uneven skin tone and dark spots that may occur due to age, sun damage, acne, hyperpigmentation, etc.

How Does Zeta White Work?

As per the manufacturers, the working of all the three products of Zeta White majorly depends on the natural, organic, and pure ingredients that are present in them.

They also mention that Zeta White face wash contains extracts of papaya that may help lighten the skin naturally. The lemon extracts present in the face wash might reduce the melanin and may as well help you in giving a lighter look to the skin.

As per the official website, the face wash is the first step for creating light and bright skin.

The manufacturers also mention on the official website that Zeta White lightening moisturizer contains licorice extracts that might help the skin to get a brighter look and could also act as a shield against dark rays.

Natural ingredients like coconut oil, apricot oil, Vitamin C, lemon extracts, etc are present in the moisturizer. These ingredients may protect the skin from darkening further.

Zeta White lightening night cream may refresh the skin while in sleep. It contains ingredients that may boost Allantoin. This may help remove the dead cells and enhance the growth of light and new skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the night cream might brighten and revitalize the skin and could prevent it from further darkening.

Zeta White Ingredients

  • Apricot Oil

    This ingredient may protect the skin from UV rays and might reduce wrinkles by enhancing the production of collagen. Apricot oil may also regenerate new skin cells. Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) present in apricot oil might enable the skin to maintain moisture and reduce acne.

    Apricot oil also contains Vitamin A which might help maintain the elasticity of the skin, promote faster healing, and might protect the skin from bacteria and toxins.

    More info here.

  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil contains Vitamin E in it, which is an antioxidant. This makes it an important ingredient in Zeta White. Because of this ingredient, Zeta White could restore collagen production that may help reduce wrinkles on the skin.

    The collagen production due to coconut oil could also smoothen the skin and may give it an even tone.

    Some of the benefits are shared here.

  • Vitamin C

    C Vitamins are antioxidants and are present in this product in the form of lemon extracts. The citric acid present in lemons might remove the dead skin cells.

    Vitamin C present in Zeta White might tighten the pores on the skin and reduce melanin. All these could promote light skin and even tone.

  • Papaya

    The presence of papaya in Zeta White may keep the skin hydrated. Papaya also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and carotenoids, all of which might reduce inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

  • Cranberry

    These are a rich source of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B-5. Cranberry in the product might enhance anti-aging collagen production, reduce toxins, and free radicals. This ingredient may also remove dead cells of the skin and reveal prolonged skin.

  • Strawberries

    Strawberries have ellagic acid which is an antioxidant. It may prevent the reduction of collagen and could help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Strawberries may also contain salicylic acid, which might reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It may also be a skin exfoliant and help reduce skin’s dead cells.

    Its application has been discussed here.

  • Allantoin

    It is a comfrey plant extract that might treat minor skin ailments. Allantoin has soothing properties that might promote the growth of new cells and could be effective in the healing of damaged skin.

  • Licorice Extract

    Zeta White uses Licorice root extract as an ingredient because of two compounds present in it that may slow down the production of dark pigments on the skin and could also ease down the symptoms of hyperpigmentation. These two compounds that are present in Licorice extract are Liquiritine and Licochalcone, both of which are skin lightening and skin-calming agents respectively.

Why Did I Choose Zeta White?

I live with my husband in our house located at the beach. We also own a restaurant at the beach. We are very much happy with our life here at the beach.

Earlier we used to live in the city and commute to the restaurant daily which made it hectic. We used to reach home late and often reach the restaurant late in the morning. This affected our business, as a result, we decided to buy a house on the backside of our restaurant.

Ever since we started living at the beach, our life has been a lot easier. Our business is running smoothly and being near the beach is always relaxing for us.

I like to sit in the sun a lot. But the only problem that I face is that I get sunburn quite often. I may have used several creams, but none of them have really been effective when it comes to improving skin health.

The sunburn started to damage my skin. I started getting blackheads and my skin’s health started to deteriorate and my skin was sliding towards a darker texture. All these things started to stress me out.

One day I was sitting with my neighbor and we were having conversations about our lives. Out of nowhere, the topic shifted to our skin. I told her about how much I admire her skin and how soft her skin is.

She felt happy on hearing compliments and saw my blackheads. She asked why I did not get rid of them. I told her that I had been using some products but everything was just ineffective.

This is when she told me that she also suffered from a similar situation. She has been living at the beach for 10 years now and she also got sunburns a lot.

I asked her about how she got rid of the sunburns and how she has such light and bright skin. She told that this has been possible because of Zeta White Lightening Night Cream.

After having a lengthy conversation with her came back to my home. I searched for Zeta White Night Cream and saw about its ingredients and some reviews of it.

I told my husband about the Zeta White Night Cream and asked for his opinion too. He read about the product and asked to try it once and observe the results after the initial usage.

Hence, you could say that upon my neighbor and my husband’s suggestion, I got Zeta White Night Cream for myself.

My Zeta White Usage Schedule

There are three products of Zeta White and usage of all of the products are linked to each other. However, one may use them individually as well.

For the exact info on usage details, I went with the one that the official website mentions.

The official website mentions applying the face wash twice a day. Apply a small amount of face wash to the wet skin by massaging it in a circular motion. After washing the face with face wash, one needs to apply the lightening moisturizer and night cream.

Apply the lightening moisturizer by taking it in small quantity and massaging it to the face. Then, massage the night cream to the face and neck in small quantities.

Since I had been using the night cream only, I used it daily before going to sleep. I used to take it in small quantities and apply it to the face and neck by properly massaging it. I have been following the step regularly with full care and never skipped any single dose.

My Experience With Zeta White

After knowing about Zeta White Night Cream from my neighbor, I got one for myself. Once it came to my doorsteps, I started using it daily as per the instructions on the official website.

The initial phase was really ordinary. Anyhow I continued the usage since I wanted results. All this went on for around a month or so and sadly there were no changes.

I was a little disappointed at that point and went to my neighbor who recommended me the product and discussed the same with her.

She had me seated and tried explaining to me that the product may not work in the same way for everyone. It may work for someone in one week and someone in a month or two. So she told me to relax and keep on using the night cream.

I understood her point and continued with my usage. Apart from using Zeta White, I also started consuming coconut water each day along with a healthy diet.

At the same time, my husband also forced me to join a little workout session along with him early in the morning each day. As a result, with the regular exercise routine, I started my journey towards being fit and active.

I guess this routine of mine has helped me have better skin.

On the other hand, I continued using the night cream for another two months and by the end of this two months cycle, I was able to see a few decent changes in my skin’s health.

The blackheads that I had were reducing. I had dark spots on my face, that also started to reduce a bit. For me, this was a pretty good sign and these changes in my skin really made me happy.

Benefits With Zeta White Consumption

I have been using Zeta White night cream for three months now. In the initial few weeks of the use of the cream, I was unable to see any changes.

But after that, I was able to observe a few benefits from the product. Some of the benefits I had using Zeta White Night Cream are:-

  • Reduced Blackheads

    The reason why I started using Zeta White was to get rid of blackheads that I had. And the biggest benefit that I had after using the product for three months is that I have been able to reduce the number of blackheads on my face. With the continuous use of the night cream, I am confident that I might be able to get rid of the blackheads.

  • Reduced Dark Spots

    One of the benefits of using Zeta White is that I have seen a decent reduction in the black spots on my face. Earlier I had a number of dark spots on my face and some on my neck too.

    These spots make my skin look darker. But after using the night cream for 3 months, I have seen some changes in my skin. The dark spots on my neck are now gone, while some of the spots on my face are still there. Which I think might go away if I use Zeta White for more time.

  • Brighter And Lighter Skin

    Because of the dark spots, my skin was becoming darker than before. My husband and my neighbor used to say that this a lot. They often thought that my skin tone is getting darker than before.

    But since I have been using the night cream for three months, I had seen a few improvements in my skin tone. My skin is getting bright and light. With the use of Zeta White, my skin is coming back to a light and bright skin tone.

  • Protection From UV Rays

    Zeta White night cream also acts as a shield against UV Rays. Earlier I used to have sunburn because of the UV Rays from the sun.

    I had tried some of the products previously, but still, I was unable to get a solution. Ever since I have been using Zeta White, I am seeing fewer sunburns than before. Now I don’t get sunburns easily.

Final Thoughts On Zeta White Review

Finally, I can confidently say from my experience of using the Zeta White night cream that it was a helpful product for me that benefited me by improving the overall health of my skin.

I have been able to reduce my dark spots and blackheads also my skin has become brighter and lighter than before. The same has been observed by my neighbor and husband as well.

As mentioned earlier, I have also added regular exercise and a proper diet to my daily schedule. I have included them to remain in good shape and to help my body get better skin.

Also, I have made a conscious effort of reducing junk food consumption from my day-to-day life. I feel that this has also been a step in the right direction when it comes to improving my overall health.

These have added as a boost for the night cream and now I am able to notice all-around differences when it comes to skin health.

Seeing the benefits that I am getting from Zeta White Night Cream, I am intending to use it further without skipping any single dose.

I am confident that with regular use of the product, a healthy diet, and proper exercise, I could have much soft and smooth skin that I admire of my neighbor.

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